Monday, May 13, 2013

California adventure

hello we well work on california  adventure today
they have cars land there WHOO
is that not AWASOME
it is right by the entrance to disney land
you should  go some time
by the way look at disney daniels tips and tricks

Sunday, May 12, 2013

disney land

at disney land you will take a adventure. you can go on  hunded manton don don don
you will scream from tower of terror you will see MICKEY the best there is.DONELD
a funny duck.DASIY the girl hoo wants dasiys golor.MINNIE the girl of mickeys
dreams. PLUTO  mickeys best friend.GOOFY and he is goofy.

did you here about  mickey  and  them well now we well
now learn about disney princesess. CINDELLA the worker in the house SLEEPING BUEATY
she loves napes.ARIEL the princess of the ocean BELL she lives with a beast.
SNOW white  she hates apples JASMON she has a pet tiger