Wednesday, April 16, 2014

my raport

im doing a raport on africa so far i have giraffes
and elephants hey maybe all share them with my favorite people 
so here i go


these very intelligent creatures are very unique
they can reconice there self in the mirror.
people are doine to much poaching thats why there on the endagered species list of africa.
america is doing poaching to the presdent wants that to stop.
an elephant herd is called a matriarch people need to stop poaching too many elephants are geting killed just in 2013 30000 were killed be cuase of poaching 
help save these buatful and mujesteck creatures
thank you 


most giraffes graze on the savannah 
of africa. they live by all
diffrent kinds of bueatful animals
like the elephant there loosing a lot of
land so its dieing. olso legall
hunting so there dieing. i want 
it to stop these creatures 
are the tallest mammal on land

so now i hope you know that were making these 
casesses so plaese take it from me peolpe need to stop POACHING