Wednesday, January 30, 2013

froggy  in  the  water  cup cakes


blue   food  coloring.
1 cup of buttercream frosting.
1 dozen baked cupcakes.

12  large green gumdrops.
2 dozen white  chocolate chips.
black decorators  icing.


1. stir drops of food coloring into the frosting until you
have a shade of watery blue. frost  the  cupcakes.

2. for  each cupcake create a pair  of frog eyes byslicing
a gumdrop in half. press a white  chocolate  chip
tip down into the cut surface of each gumdrop
half centering it near the bottom edge. squirt a
dab of  black  decorators icing  onto each  chip

3.set the frog eye  on the cupcake gently
pressing them  partway  into the frosting
to hold  them in place.

**Recipe from Tiana's Cookbook - Recipes for Kids"

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

i  think  disney  land  is  a   place where  kids  get  to  have  fun. and  disneyland  is a  place  where  kids get  to  go and  sing  dance
and  have   fun.  did  you  now that  my  dad
is  disney  dan  and  he  jest  started
the  job. and  disney  dan  has  a  blog  so go
check it  out.  and  my  blog  out  to
and  my  dad  just  started  a  blog.

My First Visit to Disneyland!

The  frist  time   I  went  to  Disney  land
It  was  scary  case   I  was  only  3  years   old
And  thare  was  a   lot   of  people   so  I  stud  closs   to  my  mom
But  I  just   ded   not  thic   abowt    it  just
Thot  abowt   all  the  fun  I  was  having  
And  then  it  was  time  to  go  home
The  end

Jakob's First Blog Posting

Jakob's Disney Writing

Disney   land  and  world
Disney  land   is   a   plase  ware   kids  get  to  dance  sing  laff   
And  the   most   in   portat  thing
Is  thet  your    with   your  family   and
You  get   to  share      and  smile  and   you  mite  be  scared
Or  not be scared    the  end