Friday, December 13, 2013


christmas is the time to be singing holdiay  songs like
Jingle bells
jingle bell rock
santa cluas is coming to town
now get of the computer and go sing haldiay songs


Thursday, November 28, 2013


thanksgiving is a day to just be happy and be thankful
thats what its all about its not about the feast or 
pumpkin pie its for being thankful for everyone and  you

 sincerly jakob

Thursday, October 24, 2013



here 2 of my favorite rides at EPCOT

you get into a car and GO have fun
test track was invented by Cheverlot
when your in line you can make
your on car COOL.


it doesn't madder if your in the middle or back
if your afraid   hites tell a working person  cuase you will go higer in rows
so you can see

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


tivoli is a is like disney land but 1 inch funner
it has the oldest running wooden roller coaster in the world
next year it will be 100 years old
it has the demon it has a dip and when you get to bottom
you go in loop  and then a nother loop
tivoli is how walt disney got inspired to make disney land
p.s. he went with hes wife lilly
if tivoli did not exist disney land would not exist
go tivoli

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


the three large   horns on a triceratops is a pertection.
a triceratops   runs medium speede
a triceratop stay in herds

Monday, May 13, 2013

California adventure

hello we well work on california  adventure today
they have cars land there WHOO
is that not AWASOME
it is right by the entrance to disney land
you should  go some time
by the way look at disney daniels tips and tricks

Sunday, May 12, 2013

disney land

at disney land you will take a adventure. you can go on  hunded manton don don don
you will scream from tower of terror you will see MICKEY the best there is.DONELD
a funny duck.DASIY the girl hoo wants dasiys golor.MINNIE the girl of mickeys
dreams. PLUTO  mickeys best friend.GOOFY and he is goofy.

did you here about  mickey  and  them well now we well
now learn about disney princesess. CINDELLA the worker in the house SLEEPING BUEATY
she loves napes.ARIEL the princess of the ocean BELL she lives with a beast.
SNOW white  she hates apples JASMON she has a pet tiger

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

shake it shake it under water

shake it shake it under water
shake it shake it under water
lets go down to the beach
and hang out but first
shake it shake it under water
shake it shake it under water
lets go down to the beach
and hang out but frist
shake it shake it under water
shake it shake it under water
lets go down to the beach
and hang out but frist
shake it shake it under water
shake it shake it under water
shake it shake it under water

can i just show some  of my blog pictures 

Friday, April 5, 2013


unlike almost all other dinosuars brachiosaurus 
had front legs that were bigger than its back legs.
this would have helped it to feed high in trees.
it was as tall as a four story building.
and weighed as much as 13 african elephants

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Harp Seal

helow this is a picture of a harp seal.
and i mad it.
here are some facts.
althuogh of harp seals are used to the cold icy waters.
they are actually warm blooded mammals like dogs cats monkeys and humun beings.
they are like a big dog that has learned to live in the sea.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


this post is all about me.
i like my mom.
i like my daddy.
i like my friend amanda.
i like my friend ashley.
i like my family
i like my art
i like twister
i like tv
 i like my blog

Friday, March 22, 2013

disney princess

that is me and sleeping beauty.
she is my favorit princess.
how is your favorit princess?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Rockhopper penguins

  • they weigh 5 to 6 puonds.
  • they are 21 to 25 inches tall.
  • they live in the sub antarctic.
  • they are the smallest  of the crested penguins.
  • they are carnivures.
  • they live in steep rocky places.
  • rockhopper penguins grow almost as high as an adults knee.

fairy penguins

  •  they are 2 to 3 pounds.
  • they are 16 inchis tall
  • if its cold they well huddle
  • they cam ochor at night
  • fairy penguins live in a average of 7 years
  • they are found along the suothern coast of australlia.

chinstrap penguin
9 pounds
28 inches
12 to 13 millon
live in sub antarctic
lay two eggs
the chick stays in the nest until they are 20 to 30 days old

emperor penguins
they are the bigest penguin
45 inches
live in antarctica
60 to 100 puonds
the male penguin has the baby sit on his feet for two months



Friday, February 22, 2013

new Disneyland

                                                   disney  land and  walt  disney

you so my  other post  about  disney land well this  is  a  new
one  about  disney  land  and you now wate  i say about
disney land you go have  fun iven you gron ups 
walt disney wated o plase were you
can  do  wat  ever  you  want
to do and walt disney  wase a great man
he blevd in ever  one so you  blev to 
thank you
good  biy

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Disney Jakob

disney  dan  and  disney  jakob

disney  dan   is  my  dad  so did  you  see  my  blog  disney  jakob. well  now  you  see 
disney  dan  and  disney  jakob.  and  you  mit get  to  be  buckt  to  disney
from  my  dad  disney   dan.  and  you  mit  get  a  card  maby  my  dad  miyt
not  gev you one. 


Letter Writing

i  like to  send  leters                                                       

if you send  a  leter you  well  get  a  leter  back
and i  send  leters   and  i  fell  great so
if  you  send  leters  you  well  fell  great  to

Saturday, February 16, 2013

polar bears

1.  polar  bears  have  blober
to  cep  worm

2.they  are  carnovors

3.the  male  polar  bear  well  eat  its  babys

4. they  live  in  the  arctic

5.they  are  very  cwiyit

6.the  male  polar  bear  on  to  feet  is  ten  feet

7.they  can  swim  in  the  cold  water

8.polar  bears  are  tofe

9.  they  are  a  tiyp  of  bear

10.  polar  bears  do  not  live on  the
south  prat of  the  ecqwateer

                                    the  arctic 

the  arctic  is  a  place  ware
the  polar bear  hents for  regd seals
and  wen  there  dun  ateing  the   arctic  tern  and
and  some  ather  tinni  anmils 

Disney Jakob

                                  jakob  disney

    i  love  disney  becaus  my  dad  is
disney  daniel  and  he  bucks 
pepole  on  treps  to  disney and  he  has a  blog 
so you  can learn  about disney  like  hedden  mickeys
or  jakobs  frist  visit  im  jakob  and  its 
the   frist  time  to  disney and  its  on  here
and  you  well  maybe  get  buck  from  disney  dan
to  disney  land  or  wrold
the  end

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

froggy  in  the  water  cup cakes


blue   food  coloring.
1 cup of buttercream frosting.
1 dozen baked cupcakes.

12  large green gumdrops.
2 dozen white  chocolate chips.
black decorators  icing.


1. stir drops of food coloring into the frosting until you
have a shade of watery blue. frost  the  cupcakes.

2. for  each cupcake create a pair  of frog eyes byslicing
a gumdrop in half. press a white  chocolate  chip
tip down into the cut surface of each gumdrop
half centering it near the bottom edge. squirt a
dab of  black  decorators icing  onto each  chip

3.set the frog eye  on the cupcake gently
pressing them  partway  into the frosting
to hold  them in place.

**Recipe from Tiana's Cookbook - Recipes for Kids"

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

i  think  disney  land  is  a   place where  kids  get  to  have  fun. and  disneyland  is a  place  where  kids get  to  go and  sing  dance
and  have   fun.  did  you  now that  my  dad
is  disney  dan  and  he  jest  started
the  job. and  disney  dan  has  a  blog  so go
check it  out.  and  my  blog  out  to
and  my  dad  just  started  a  blog.

My First Visit to Disneyland!

The  frist  time   I  went  to  Disney  land
It  was  scary  case   I  was  only  3  years   old
And  thare  was  a   lot   of  people   so  I  stud  closs   to  my  mom
But  I  just   ded   not  thic   abowt    it  just
Thot  abowt   all  the  fun  I  was  having  
And  then  it  was  time  to  go  home
The  end

Jakob's First Blog Posting

Jakob's Disney Writing

Disney   land  and  world
Disney  land   is   a   plase  ware   kids  get  to  dance  sing  laff   
And  the   most   in   portat  thing
Is  thet  your    with   your  family   and
You  get   to  share      and  smile  and   you  mite  be  scared
Or  not be scared    the  end