Thursday, November 27, 2014

aulani resort and spa

this is aulani resort and spa from my prospective i think aulani is a warm welcoming environment
your kids will feel like they got on a plane and went right in to fun i was recently at aulani for turkey
day/thanks giving and they just loched a line of duffys old friend SHELLY MAY!!!!!! ins'nt that great they only made from tokyo to hawaii those are the only places you may get them miy dad has
3 also there are stores that say there are creatures in the hotel the people say they bilt the hotel and
every night they start a project and they have thet one night to make it and if they don't finish they have to do it tomorrow there name is menehuene this is a picture of one

do you like it becuase thats one of the many corners of the hotel that have one and there so fun to find
i love them i found about 12 well i hope you come for christmas and find them i will see you in a little bit

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